Friday, September 28, 2007


I've come to the conclusion that I despearately need to begin writing again, if for no other reason than to remember what it's like to articulate ideas and set them in an external form. It seems like I've been growing progressively quieter over a period of years, with less to say or perhaps with a growing conviction that little I have to say is worthy enough of note to warrent the permanence of a printed page; so much has been written, and if a thought is not unique, what need for it to persist and be shared? Yet, this conviction must of course be erroneous - the best of humanity is saved and remembered by the written word.

So, I must write, forcing myself if necessary, to exercise and strengthen my rhetorical abilities, and to share and remember the progress of my life and learning, if only ultimately with myself in a later day. In so doing I shall shake this editorial lethargy and once more find the spark of creativity within myself.

That's the hope, anyway.

I now work for Gaiam writing software with the intent of changing the world or making money or perhaps both if possible, attempting to capitalize upon the fundamental principle of the web: that connecting like-minded, interested, active people to one another can have dramatic effects; it's social networking with a purpose and within a niche. Before coming to Gaiam, I'd been interviewing with Google, but fell victim in the final interview to a breakdown of nerve and intellect. In retrospect, I attribute this breakdown to a decline in self-confidence that has taken place over the course of years - why? I suspect it is the evil fruit of a lack of creativity, a lack of persistence, a lack of productivity.

And so, I must write.

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