Thursday, March 24, 2005


A search engine that focuses specifically upon individuals and their resumes? ZoomInfo is pretty interesting.

Just got back from a week in Key West, having had one of the nicest tropical breaks I can remember. Perhaps it was simply that it's been a long time since I've had a real vacation with Samantha, and one was sorely needed.

Of course, we did end up spending far more money than we intended, but hopefully not enough to hurt. What *will* hurt is the $4k it will cost to get to Australia in the fall!

Monday, March 14, 2005

Observation of the day

I just realized that I can't read with my peripheral vision.

Stupid how long it's taken for me to figure that out. But the fact does have some pretty interesting implications for automated pattern recognition.

Thinking about a short story based upon this idea - perhaps "God Training" or "The Learning Curve".

Friday, March 4, 2005


It is an astonishingly beautiful day outside. Of course, that's perhaps a bit worrisome since it's only the fourth of March and unlike most years (where a week of subzero temps in February is the norm) it hasn't been below freezing in a month.

Still a beautiful day for a ride, though.

Spring even seems to have come to lovely old Barbelith, whence I've taken this snippet of music suggestion with which I hope to at some point educate myself:

Katie Meluah's new album has bvarely been off my iPod. Also, Jamie Cullum and Amy Winehouse have been doing some very exciting things. There's a young turk called Michael Buble who does some great standards, also.