Tuesday, December 7, 2004

/. gems

  • Moral men admit mistakes. Immoral men will go to any length to justify their actions and will never admit wrong doing.

  • Moral men think long and hard about starting actions that result in the deaths of 15,000 people.

  • Moral men start wars as a last resort.

  • Moral men start wars as a last resort when they say that is what they intend to do - i.e moral men keep their word.

  • Moral men do not prey upon the fears of Americans to facilitate acts of foreign agression.

  • Moral men are not certain in the face of all doubt but always doubt their information and actions when either of those result in harm to others.

  • Moral men do not accuse others of "flip-flopping" if they themselves have "flip-flopped" repeatedly - i.e. moral men are not hypocrites.

  • Moral men do not misconstrue the words and ideas of their opponents in order to attack an easier target - i.e. moral me do not construct straw men.

  • Moral men step down from positions of authority when it is clear they don't have the intellect, judgement, or leadership to justly execute that authority.

War for the Dollar



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